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Privacy Briefing
3rd March 2003

The Privacy Act 1988 was introduced mainly to address privacy issues applicable to Commonwealth and ACT government agencies. Due to subsequent amendments, this Act has now been extended to apply to a range of private sector organisations. State and Territory government agencies are not considered to be ‘organisations’ under the amendment, so they are still governed by their own state/territory arrangements....   >> more

Accounting Standards Update
2nd December 2002

Review of Financial Reporting by Governments and Government Departments.AAS 29 “Financial Reporting by Government Departments” and AAS 31 “Financial Reporting by Governments” are currently being reviewed by the Australian Accounting Standards Board (AASB). ..    >> more

Aged Care Approvals Round 2002
26th November 2002

The results of the 2002 Aged Care Approvals Round were announced today. The announcement stated ‘350 providers have been granted 6500 places worth $144 million in recurrent funding. In addition $34.32 million is being provided in 75 capital grants for aged care services across Australia.’ ..    >> more

Government Reporting
18th September 2002

There are two bases for Government Financial Reporting. The first is government financial statistics (GFS). GFS is a measurement system which is used as a basis for statistical economic analysis. It is developed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). In December 2001, the IMF released its accrual GFS framework to be used by member countries. The other basis is Australian Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (AGAAP). Following the introduction of AAS31 ‘Financial Reporting by Governments’ and the implementation of accrual budgeting, generally government agencies report on an Australian Accounting Standards basis in budgets.    >> more

Presentations and Reports

Growing Older Every Year
8 November 2002

Pacific Bridge was invited to give a presentation at the "Affordable Housing Conference" in November 2002.

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